How are your 2020 Resolutions going? Floundering? You aren’t alone. Here are some “You’ll Want To Keep’!’s blog post – “4 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep”

The blog post of , “New Year’s Resolutions to Keep in 2020” says that…

“Statistics from U.S. News & World Report show that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.”

The post then offers “4 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep”

  • Reduce Stress
  • Sleep Better
  • ???
  • ???

A hot tub or a sleep spa can help with all four!

Read more about how you can reach each resolution AND live happier!

“You Can Rent a Treehouse Escape at the Base of a Volcano in Hawaii”


“The treehouse, the owners noted, is built on two levels, which are connected by a ship’s ladder. The main level of the treehouse includes a surprisingly spacious living room that comes with a sitting area, flat screen TV, and a window table with stools so you can sit and stare at the forest for hours.

The main floor also comes with an outdoor shower (as if there’d be any other way you’d want to shower in a place like this) and a composting toilet for convenience.

Just outside guests will find a cedar hot tub as well as a teak table and chairs “for al fresco dining in the trees. NOW we are talking!

Even a ‘Hillbilly Hot Tub’ is great!

No one said that a hot tub has to be fancy or expensive for someone to enjoy the ‘hot tub life’! Check this out!

Source: Ohio’s Country Journal

Ohios’ Country Journal reported that ‘Hillbilly hot tub a winter hit’

“We have been wearing out our homemade hot tub this hunting season, with the jerry-rigged, propane-heated stock tank getting plenty of use after frigid evenings of deer hunting chill Maria and me to our bones. Stretching out in 104-degree water with the stars overhead and the Kokosing River gurgling past below with a bourbon-spiked hot apple cider in hand is a welcome way to end a day afield. By floating a tablet of chlorine in a simple dispenser we can use the same water several weekends in a row…We even splurged on a small, portable electric clothes dryer, picked up for $20…We leave it out on the deck, under the partial roof, within steps of the tub to warm our towels and robes for the ultimate in après-tubbing comfort. The dryer serves double duty keeping our deer hunting clothes scent-free; we toss our attire into the dryer with a scent eliminating dryer sheet and it comes out smelling like, well, nothing at all. Which, by the way, is what we wear while enjoying our DIY hot tub, under the cover of darkness, anyway.” Haha

Source: Ohio’s Country Journal

Why you should buy a Swim Spa in 2020 published “Why you should buy a Swim Spa this year“. The article presents a good rationale for buying a swim spa over a swimming pool or hot tub and outlines the benefits of owning one.

The conclusion:

“Swim spas offer the combined benefit of a pool and hot but in one place. Because they are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and extend the swimming season, they make an excellent pool option for the family.

The article recommends JnJ Spas. Indeed, they have about 18 different models of Swim Spas.

Photo Source: – click for a look at their swim spas and hot tubs.

Their remarks:

 “JNJ Spas is the most technologically-advanced and reliable company that provides the perfect spa experience with swim spas that are designed and constructed to perfection using high-quality materials and innovative processes. This is why they are only known for high-quality products with the latest advancements in insulation, filtration, heating systems, and more.

Crime report: Hot Tub Skinny Dipper leaves briefs

The ‘Sumter (S.C.) Item’ reported that on January 2nd

“…Officers responded to a house on Hatteras Way in reference to suspicious activity near the hot tub on the property.

The resident found a pair of men’s briefs on the back porch near the hot tub. The resident did not know who the large, gray George brand boxer briefs belonged to.”

If anyone at a nearby Walmart has seen someone purchase L Gray ‘George’ Boxers, please report it to the police asap.