Should I buy a 12-person Hot Tub or a Yacht with ONE?

That is the question! The answer, if you are anything like me is pretty simple – buy the HOT TUB!
I WOULD, however, take the 160 foot GTT 160 yacht though if offered to me!

After all…

“The “wellbeing” checklist ranges from a main-deck master stateroom with an open-air balcony on either side, to a full galley with breakfast bar fit for a professional chef or a serious home cook, to a movie lounge with a 75-inch screen and a bar. The aft main deck replicates a beach club, with a 12-person hot tub, a spa area and a gym. “
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History of Hot Tubs – How the Modern Spa was Born

Google ‘the history of the hot tub’ and you will get a lot of very different results. posted one of the most interesting presentations. It has informative descriptions and great accompanying photos.

Here is a sample…

“For millennia, people have used baths and natural hot springs as places of socialization, health, and worship.

Some of the earliest hot tub parties may have been held in calderas, using red-hot stones to warm the water. These early people didn’t have massaging jets in their spas, but they certainly understood the curative powers of hot water.”

Here is a photo from an ancient Greece spa –

Photo source: Spa Depot – History of the hot tub kicks it up a bit with their ‘The Rise in the Hot Tub Culture’ section mentioning the ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ movies, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, etc. Their post includes a great ‘Simpsons’ gif –

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How much would winning a Grammy mean to Lil Nas X?

A LOT, it seems. reports that “Lil Nas X is up for 6 awards at the Grammys on Sunday and will lead a performance of “Old Town Road All-Stars” where he is set to bring his many “Old Town Road” collaborators to music’s biggest stage.”

BUT THAT isn’t even the big news! Haha

Lil Nas X declares that “if I win Best New Artist I’m gonna like, sit in a tub full of hot dogs and just like, I don’t know, just like go crazy you know?” –

That would be ‘hot dogs in a tub’ NOT ‘dogs in a hot tub’.

YouTube – ‘Dogs in Hot Tub’