• Water features bring beauty and excitement to a swimming pool. With so many features available, it all comes down to the imagination and preference of the homeowner when selecting which features you want to include with your pool. Scuppers are a popular request among future pool owners. Some scuppers range from simple to extreme designs. […]
  • A swimming pool is the ultimate recreational space at home, and like everything, it requires maintenance to keep it in optimal conditions. An intermatic timer is a device to run your filter system at set times each day. It helps the filtering process automatically at set times throughout the day. A homeowner can also set […]
  • If you are looking for a relaxing time in a spa, then consider including add a rolled edge. Sometimes a 90-degree coping can be uncomfortable when reclining in a spa, but it is the total opposite with a rolled edge.  It is an art to designing a rolled-beam edge, and Platinum Pools’ designers can do […]
  • Not so long ago, we published on the subject of raised walls and their functions on an oasis.  Although most of the land in Southeastern Texas is flat, a raised wall can fill any void, such as slopes or elevated areas. When it happens, a homeowner must consider where your swimming pool should go. It […]
  • We are now on the second month of the year, and it is not only Valentine’s Day this Sunday, but the following day is President’s Day. What used to be a long weekend is now parents juggling work at home and ensuring kids attend school virtually. So now, what can a family do to enjoy […]