• Platinum Pools is pleased to be part of the Cody Pools family as we have achieved the number one spot for the 2022 Pool and Spa News Magazine’s Top 50 builder.   2021 was a year of change for Platinum Pools as we transitioned to being a part of the Cody Pools family.  We continue servicing […]
  • Water features are one of the most popular options to add to a pool. When deciding what features you want for your new backyard pool, you can choose from various pool design options. One of them is water curtains (rain descents). Water curtains, also known as “rain walls” or “rain descents,” continue to be a […]
  • Imagine you are signing the purchase contract for a new house.  Once you get the title deed, you find out that there is an easement on your property.  So, what is an easement, and how can it affect when you want to build in your backyard, specifically a swimming pool?  An easement provides the right […]
  • Now that summer is officially here, do not waste a minute getting the most out of your pool.  For some, the joy of owning a pool can wane after a few years, especially if you are the one who must clean and maintain it.  This year, take it upon yourself to have more fun with […]
  • Swimming pools are a versatile recreational and leisure product that everyone can benefit from.  The shape, style, depth, and other factors determine whether the pool is suitable for a particular purpose, such as exercise, lap swimming, water sports, and children. If you are planning a backyard swimming pool, you’ll need to determine the best depth […]