• We have good news if you have always dreamed of a swimming pool but hesitated because your yard is sloped.  It’s common to build a pool on a hill or slope.  At Platinum Pools, our designers have experience preparing layouts that fit your backyard, even if there is a slope. Lawns are rarely entirely level, […]
  • Some homeowners are turning their backyards into a relaxing retreat, allowing them to enjoy an outstanding, year-round vacation.  A beautiful pool, gorgeous landscaping, and cozy outdoor decor are all part of a fantastic backyard.  Why not take it further and build a bridge for your swimming pool? Swimming pool bridges are a fantastic way to […]
  • Not too long ago, we posted a blog about how to keep bugs out of your swimming pool. The reality is that bugs are good for nature, but for us, it is a different story. Bugs crawl, creep, sting, bite, and fly around the pool. Yep, they can be a nuisance! On the other hand, […]
  • An all tile pool in different tones of blue makes this Roman-designed swimming pool eye candy. A pool and spa surrounded by travertine and artificial turf brings out the beauty of the whole backyard. A great combination for a European styled home.  We are proud to present this gorgeous oasis as the pool of the […]
  • There are a wide selection of water features available, but it can be challenging to choose the right one, let alone decide which is best for your pool.  Everyone wants a beautiful oasis, but adding layered visual elements or dimensions to pools and spas can be even more difficult.  When it comes to swimming pools, […]