• There is no question that certain safety features increase the value of an in-ground pool.  Integrating new technologies will play a significant role for pool buyers considering which features to add to their list. There are more than a few intelligent safety features that will make your pool and spa a thoroughly enjoyable experience while […]
  • When clients ask when the best time is to build a swimming pool, the answer is always the same: right now!  There are many reasons why the idyllic moment is always now to get an oasis: Investment: Seeing your loved ones happy is the best return on your investment.  Purchasing a swimming pool not only […]
  • Let us help you with a few tips on handling your new pet safely, regardless of having an in-ground pool. Dog Breeds Some dogs, such as retrievers or poodles, are excellent swimmers and belong to the hunting dog family.  However, these dogs – especially retrievers – can leave a lot of hair behind, a big […]
  • Every room in your home needs maintenance, and so does a swimming pool.  Pool water can be refreshing and tranquil.  But without proper care, it can destroy your oasis. Total Alkalinity and pool pH are essential for sanitary water conditions and pool surfaces.  It may be challenging to manage unless you understand what they are […]
  • Pebble interior surfaces continue to be a popular item in custom-built swimming pools.  If you want an oasis in your backyard and less maintenance, a pebble plaster finishing is what your pool needs. Keep in mind that a pebble is more expensive than your typical pool plaster, but it has a longer lifespan.  The surface […]