• In the last decade, the pool construction industry has been consistent; a slight increase or decrease, same problems, and change; then came 2020.  The Pandemic brought the world to a halt.  It generated unprecedented demands for backyard pools, and at the same time, created major supply problems in the industry.  Clients asked for more heaters, […]
  • Do you remember those gigantic swim machines? Now you don’t need a big swimming pool to generate a current in your pool. The new fitness swim jets can be custom-built into new pools and spas or added to an existing pool. There is no need for a large pool to incorporate swimming into your exercise […]
  • Summer’s finally here! Everyone is getting ready to plunge into a pool and have some fun. However, it can also be a time that can harm your eyes if not protected. According to WebMD, many patients come to the emergency room with “eye burns” each year. In this blog, we will mention the two essential […]
  • For more than a year, we saw an event we did not expect in our industry.  With the growth of swimming pool purchases in the United States in 2020, the trend may continue regardless of whether the Pandemic is under control or not.  It is a fact that our lifestyle changed drastically.  Many who are […]
  • The pandemic interrupted many activities that we took for granted.  It was the regular long weekend that allowed a lot of us to have some “quality time,” or so we thought.  Recently, the governor of Texas established a rule that we no longer need to use masks, yet the number of cases was rising day […]