• When it comes to creating an oasis in your backyard, a swimming pool and a lush green lawn are a match made in heaven.  However, concerns arise about the potential impact of pool water on grass.  Will the chlorine in the water harm your lawn?  Is it possible for pool water to kill grass? In […]
  • When investing in a swimming pool for your home, it is a serious decision to choose the right shape.  With a wide range of pool-shape options available, it’s important to consider what will look best in your yard.  Two popular options to consider are geometric and freeform pools.  In this article, we will explore the […]
  • When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor family room for your family consider what everyone wants.  Whether the shape is freeform or geometrical, the features will determine if the pool is fitting for a family.  The project presented here is one that reflects a family ready to create memorable events. In the case of […]
  • Transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space expands the usable area of your home by bringing all the amenities you desire outside.  It is an investment that can increase your home’s value.  Are you ready to explore the process of creating a functional, usable, and luxurious outdoor living space, including the pool?  If so, […]
  • During hot summer days, getting enough exercise can be challenging.  However, investing in a lap pool can help you avoid the gym and enjoy the fresh air while working out.  Keep reading to learn about lap pools and why they may fit your fitness routine perfectly. What is a Lap Pool? If you’re looking for […]