• Types of Decking A swimming pool determines how a backyard is going to look.  It is not a hole in the ground but a fun area with lights, waterfalls, grottos, and more. A big part of your swimming pool is the pool decking.  It is the trending fashionista of the backyard that pulls all elements […]
  • Cocktail Pools and Spools Who said you couldn’t have a pool in a small space?  We prove again that it is possible.  More & more clients come to our offices, asking if we can adapt a pool to their backyard with limited space.   The answer is typically yes.  After all, there is no need for […]
  • While the weather reports about the Sahara dust, the hurricane season is now in full swing. The summer of 2020 is recording extremely high temperatures, and, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, every pool owner must think ahead. After all, Mother Nature is unpredictable. So far, there is no cyclone or hurricane formation for now. *    […]
  • People around the world are spending more time at home due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing.  Homeowners are creating the perfect paradise for summer that makes them forget about ever leaving the comforts of home.  Enjoy outdoor cooking, family time, and games at a backyard ready for anything with patio furniture. When transforming a […]
  • When a homeowner decides to have a swimming pool, they often think about the size, shape, material selections, or different features they want to include.  But where should you place the pool? The placement of a pool in your yard is an extremely important factor to consider. Placing the pool in an idyllic way depends […]