• Everyone wants to have an energy-saving, environmentally friendly swimming pool.  It is a fact that homeowners want to get an estimate of energy and cost savings before buying a pool pump.  Get ready! The Department of Energy will enforce the weighted energy factor regulations, making it easier to do just that in 2021.  What is […]
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  • Building a swimming pool is a delicate procedure.  When a homeowner wants an oasis, there are many different phases to go through.  These phases start with design through the finished product. Some factors that may increase completion time are rain/weather, building permits, HOA approvals, relocating utility lines, etc. Suppose a homeowner wants a new pool […]
  • For over sixty-eight years, the swim-up bar continues as one of the most popular pool features.  What was once a grand feature in many hotels worldwide, and later for the rich and famous, is now available at residential homes.  Many homeowners who have a pool may add an in-pool table and bar stools, while others […]
  • In recent times many homeowners decided to take their vacation budget to invest in their homes.  Two of the most popular additions are a home office and a swimming pool.  For those who became first-time pool owners, it is a dream come true. One important factor to remember when building a pool is the pool’s […]