• If you plan to have a swimming pool in your home, a reputable contractor will check the soil components before starting any pool construction project. There are many cases where a pool requires support.  Not only is it gunite and the iron rods, but also adding a pier to provide additional support for an in-ground […]
  • Every homeowner dream of having an in-ground pool on their property. Imagine a place for your family and friends to hang out. And, did we tell you that it helps to increase the value of your home? However, the end of Summer doesn’t mean missing the opportunity to build a new swimming pool. In fact, […]
  • For the past 9 years, Cody Pools has been the number one swimming pool builder in the USA, as ranked by Pool and Spa News. We are proud to announce that Cody Pools and Platinum Pools will be joining forces. Platinum Pools will continue to operate under their well-known branded name. Customers who continue to […]
  • While parents want their children to swim, another age group still requires swimming lessons – adults. Many adults who don’t swim feel shame, embarrassment, and fear to sign up for lessons. If want to start to learn how to swim, you are not alone.    Make the Water Your Friend As adults, we understand the dangers […]
  • Who likes critters? No one! So why do they appear in our pool? Although a swimming pool is a great place to cool off in the summertime, it can be deadly for animals so we will talk about how to keep snakes out of swimming pools. In the past few years, we see how these […]