The UK’s Wellis Peak Line Explorer is a good looking hot tub!

“Our Explorer hot tub was specifically designed for those who would like to combine relaxation with conversation. The reclining seats face each other, so any conversation becomes effortless. And the Wellis-designed massage jets add a little extra to the experience, ensuring relaxation for your entire body, while having a great time in the Explorer hot tub.”

Wellis makes other great models of hot tubs, plus swim spas –

Why you should buy a Swim Spa in 2020 published “Why you should buy a Swim Spa this year“. The article presents a good rationale for buying a swim spa over a swimming pool or hot tub and outlines the benefits of owning one.

The conclusion:

“Swim spas offer the combined benefit of a pool and hot but in one place. Because they are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and extend the swimming season, they make an excellent pool option for the family.

The article recommends JnJ Spas. Indeed, they have about 18 different models of Swim Spas.

Photo Source: – click for a look at their swim spas and hot tubs.

Their remarks:

 “JNJ Spas is the most technologically-advanced and reliable company that provides the perfect spa experience with swim spas that are designed and constructed to perfection using high-quality materials and innovative processes. This is why they are only known for high-quality products with the latest advancements in insulation, filtration, heating systems, and more.