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  • Is your concrete pool in need of repair or renovation? Are you tired of dealing with a rough plaster surface or tiles that fall off the pool walls?You may have heard that you can apply fiberglass to a concrete pool, but how does it work, and how does it compare to a traditional fiberglass pool? […]
  • Are you thinking about buying an inground swimming pool but don't like how long they take to install? We're fiberglass pool manufacturers and inground pool experts, and we know that swimming pools can take months to build. Concrete pools can even take up to half a year to complete. But what if you could get […]
  • Do you want to add an inground pool to your home in Charlotte? As you research your swimming pool options, you might have questions like:   How much does an inground pool cost in Charlotte? Which pool type is best for my home? How much does a pool cost to maintain?    As fiberglass pool […]
  • Would you like smoother, silkier pool water? Want to use fewer pool chemicals? How about stopping algae in its tracks? Enter swimming pool ionizers.   
  • Are you envious of your neighbors who have saltwater pools but not sure how to switch from chlorine to a salt system?