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  • If you’ve been looking for the perfect fiberglass pool, you’ve probably come across quite a few options. These options will obviously include the size, shape, and any add-ons and accessories available to create the pool of your dreams.
  • Salt systems are all the rage in the swimming pool world, and it's clear to see why:   The water is softer Salt pools are often easier to maintain  They don't irritate skin and eyes like traditional chlorine   And the list goes on.    But before you run out and switch to a salt […]
  • There’s a time of year in (nearly) every pool owner’s life when they’ll face an unavoidable decision: is it time to close my pool and winterize it for the season?
  • A swimming pool is a major investment, not only in financial terms, but also in regards to the amount of time you’ll spend keeping it clean and enjoyable during swim season.
  • River Pools started in Central Virginia nearly 20 years ago, with a simple mission:  to provide homeowners with the highest-quality pool-buying and pool-owning experience.