Swim Spa Installation: Behind the Scenes with Meredith Kessler

“Go behind the scenes with professional triathlete Meredith Kessler and learn more about her swim spa installation. The H2X Challenger 15D was installed on an existing paver patio, with gorgeous views of the adjacent woods.”

This is an awesome Swim Spa installation! Love the positioning. I, too, was impressed at how the two men installed our swim spa. I was so afraid that they wouldn’t be able to pull off what I wanted to do but they made it look easy!

‘Is there a swimming pool shortage as we hit hottest week?’ WDEF.com

WDEF.com reported on the local swimming pool shortage in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

'Is there a swimming pool shortage as we hit hottest week?' WDEF.com
Click here to watch the video – https://wdef.com/2020/07/13/swimming-pool-shortage-hit-hottest-week/

The article mentions the heat, the COVID-19, etc. as reasons.

“You know, kids are at home, it’s a lot easier to entertain them when they have a swimming pool, hot tub or things like that. Plus, we get a lot of people saying they cancelled their vacations, and they redirected their money towards home improvement or home entertainment.”


Are you finding the same to be true of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas in your area? I am betting so!

‘5 Reasons to Purchase a Swim Spa’ – SpaHearthAndHome.com

Spa Hearth and Home Pool Center in Maple Shade, NJ posted the following…

“More than ever, Americans across the country are embracing the incredible benefits of living a more healthy and active life. From a longer life expectancy to simply feeling better day to day, people everywhere are looking for creative and effective ways to burn calories, build muscle, and keep their metabolism high.
One way that they are doing so is with at-home swim spas from top manufacturers. In today’s blog from Spa Hearth & Home Pool Center in Maple Shade, we will cover five of the primary reasons that people just like you are choosing to invest in a swim spa for their home.” SpaHearthAndHome.com

We agree wholeheartedly with their 5 reasons! Swim Spas simply rock!

Lots of Hot Tubs & Spas featured at the Oklahoma City ‘Home and Garden Show’

J. David Chapman, an associate professor of finance and real estate at the University of Central Oklahoma, wrote this about his visit to home and garden show…

“There were more hot tub and spa vendors at the home show than any other product. I was looking for one that stood out and was doing something different. Dave Kemp works for Softub and brought two hot tubs for display. This tub uses a patented heat recovery system utilizing waste heat generated from the pump motor to heat the spa to the desired temperature. With the slogan “Simple is Better,” the Softub looks great and is super-efficient and surprisingly affordable.”


Have you had a Softub? What is your opinion of Softub hot tubs?

“Why A Japanese Soaking Tub is Perfect for Your Hot Tub Gazebo” Hill Country Breaking News

This article on HillCountryBreakingNews.com lays out a good argument for installing a ‘Japanese Soaking Tub’ without negating the value of a Hot Tub. They are, of course, very similar. If you don’t know what they are, keep reading…

The article begins…

“There’s a reason why people often transform their home gazebo into hot tub enclosures. It’s simply a relaxing feature to add to one’s home. When you have a hot tub and gazebo, it’s only natural to combine them together for our own personal oasis of rest and relaxation…If you’ve already decided to turn your home gazebo into a hot tub enclosure, good choice! Now’s the time to choose a type of hot tub. And with so many options out there, it’s going to be rather difficult. However, Japanese soaking hot tubs might befit your gazebo better. Why?…”

Photo Source: HillCountryBreakingNews.com

Don’t know what a Japanese Soaking Tub is? Read this article on SignatureHardware.com.

Advice on buying a Hot Tub

No doubt about it! A hot tub will benefit your health and your quality of life.

Make sure that your investment is a good one.

Consider the cost of a hot tube

The price of a hot tub can be as little as a few thousand , $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 OR even more.

Consider also the cost of having it installed. The two major costs will be the base (perhaps a concrete pad) AND the wiring for electricity (it is doubtful that your house will already have the wiring required). The cost of a concrete pad should be around $500 to $1,000 depending on the size and the strength of concrete. The cost of electrical wiring may be between $500 – $1,500.

ALSO, don’t forget the sales tax. Lots of areas have 7 or 8% sales tax. For example 7% on a $5,000 spa would be $350.

Consider also the future costs – chemicals (maybe $25-$100 a month) and electricity (maybe $25-$100 a month).

Research different brands and models to get what is right for you

There are lots and lots of hot tub manufacturers and you have lots of choices. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and their purposes and features differ greatly model to model.

Don’t feel pressured to get only the kind offered locally. There are many direct sale sources to serve you as well. Note that a local seller may or may not offer valuable information about businesses that do hot spa installation while a direct sale sales person may not have or provide that information.

Consider the Warranty, Maintenance and Repair Costs

You want a warranty that is appropriate length and that provides service that is comparable to the cost of your hot tub. Find out how much it will cost to have the hot tub serviced or repaired – keep in mind, some companies charge a flat fee for a visit even if the hot tub is under warranty.