Swim Spa Installation: Behind the Scenes with Meredith Kessler

“Go behind the scenes with professional triathlete Meredith Kessler and learn more about her swim spa installation. The H2X Challenger 15D was installed on an existing paver patio, with gorgeous views of the adjacent woods.”

This is an awesome Swim Spa installation! Love the positioning. I, too, was impressed at how the two men installed our swim spa. I was so afraid that they wouldn’t be able to pull off what I wanted to do but they made it look easy!

‘Is there a swimming pool shortage as we hit hottest week?’ WDEF.com

WDEF.com reported on the local swimming pool shortage in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

'Is there a swimming pool shortage as we hit hottest week?' WDEF.com
Click here to watch the video – https://wdef.com/2020/07/13/swimming-pool-shortage-hit-hottest-week/

The article mentions the heat, the COVID-19, etc. as reasons.

“You know, kids are at home, it’s a lot easier to entertain them when they have a swimming pool, hot tub or things like that. Plus, we get a lot of people saying they cancelled their vacations, and they redirected their money towards home improvement or home entertainment.”


Are you finding the same to be true of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas in your area? I am betting so!

“Why Hot Baths Are Good For Seniors” -LongIslandWeekly.com

Photo Source: ‘Why Hot Baths are good for Seniors’ – LongIslandWeekly.com

This article reflected the thoughts my wife and I have had regarding our swim spa. We are slightly short of Senior status (she is much shorter than I am) – I’m SO close! We have been impressed with how the swim spa helps ease the pain of aching muscles and joints, how it helps energize and how it helps one sleep. We feel that the gentle low impact exercise provided by the swim spa will help us avoid costly and painful surgery (such as knee or rotator cuff surgery) and thus pay for itself.

Specifically, the article outlines five benefits of a hot bath for Seniors and gives bathing safety tips.

Regarding hot tubs (or swim spas) the author says:

“while hot baths are beneficial overall, it is important to note that soaking in a hot water bath raises a person’s heart rate. For those individuals with cardiovascular concerns, it is best to check with one’s doctor first about using a hot soak for lowering blood pressure and alleviating other ailments.”


“Why A Japanese Soaking Tub is Perfect for Your Hot Tub Gazebo” Hill Country Breaking News

This article on HillCountryBreakingNews.com lays out a good argument for installing a ‘Japanese Soaking Tub’ without negating the value of a Hot Tub. They are, of course, very similar. If you don’t know what they are, keep reading…

The article begins…

“There’s a reason why people often transform their home gazebo into hot tub enclosures. It’s simply a relaxing feature to add to one’s home. When you have a hot tub and gazebo, it’s only natural to combine them together for our own personal oasis of rest and relaxation…If you’ve already decided to turn your home gazebo into a hot tub enclosure, good choice! Now’s the time to choose a type of hot tub. And with so many options out there, it’s going to be rather difficult. However, Japanese soaking hot tubs might befit your gazebo better. Why?…”

Photo Source: HillCountryBreakingNews.com

Don’t know what a Japanese Soaking Tub is? Read this article on SignatureHardware.com.

Five Tips for Getting the Most of out of Your Hot Tub

An article on Yahoo Finance, “5 Hot Tub Tips for Getting the Most Out of Soaking Season”, says…

“There are more than 7 million hot tubs in the U.S., according to a study by Pool and Spa Marketing, and whether people are enjoying them apres ski at a resort, at a vacation cabin or in their own backyards, now is prime time for hot tub users.”

“The benefits of hot tub use are well known – reduced stress, pain relief, better sleep and lower blood pressure among them – but those upsides can be overshadowed by fears of germs, chemical skin irritation and disease.”

The article then offers 5 tips to maximize the positives and minimize the risks. Check it out!

Photo Source: Flickr

How cold is too cold to use a Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

My wife and I got our swim spa in mid Fall. Since then we have had lots of wonderful weather and some that reached down into the 40s. This week though the temperature has dipped down to around freezing. Between that and an unusually busy schedule this week we haven’t been using it.

Normally, when it is cold we run out in bathing suits and take the cover off and quickly jump in. When done we run inside, dry off and put some dry clothes on. We choose not to stand in the cold, putting on robes and getting the robes wet. With some dry clothes on, we put on a warm bath robe and go back out, put the cover back on, put the exercise equipment up, etc.

The bliss of the warm water more than makes up for the cold entry and exit. : )

Granted we are pretty soft when it comes to cold weather living in the south and on the coast of North Carolina so we have pretty mild weather. I understand that hot tubs and swim spas are very popular in the north. Love that!

Master Spa’s blog has a nice post about enjoying spas in the winter, “Soak Away the Winter Blues“. The post shares “favorite hot tub accessories that will maximize your comfort this winter” and then shares some comments that customers have made on ‘how they enjoy their hot tubs in the winter’. Check it out!

Photo Source: MasterSpa.com