Even a ‘Hillbilly Hot Tub’ is great!

No one said that a hot tub has to be fancy or expensive for someone to enjoy the ‘hot tub life’! Check this out!

Source: Ohio’s Country Journal

Ohios’ Country Journal reported that ‘Hillbilly hot tub a winter hit’

“We have been wearing out our homemade hot tub this hunting season, with the jerry-rigged, propane-heated stock tank getting plenty of use after frigid evenings of deer hunting chill Maria and me to our bones. Stretching out in 104-degree water with the stars overhead and the Kokosing River gurgling past below with a bourbon-spiked hot apple cider in hand is a welcome way to end a day afield. By floating a tablet of chlorine in a simple dispenser we can use the same water several weekends in a row…We even splurged on a small, portable electric clothes dryer, picked up for $20…We leave it out on the deck, under the partial roof, within steps of the tub to warm our towels and robes for the ultimate in après-tubbing comfort. The dryer serves double duty keeping our deer hunting clothes scent-free; we toss our attire into the dryer with a scent eliminating dryer sheet and it comes out smelling like, well, nothing at all. Which, by the way, is what we wear while enjoying our DIY hot tub, under the cover of darkness, anyway.” Haha

Source: Ohio’s Country Journal

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