How cold is too cold to use a Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

My wife and I got our swim spa in mid Fall. Since then we have had lots of wonderful weather and some that reached down into the 40s. This week though the temperature has dipped down to around freezing. Between that and an unusually busy schedule this week we haven’t been using it.

Normally, when it is cold we run out in bathing suits and take the cover off and quickly jump in. When done we run inside, dry off and put some dry clothes on. We choose not to stand in the cold, putting on robes and getting the robes wet. With some dry clothes on, we put on a warm bath robe and go back out, put the cover back on, put the exercise equipment up, etc.

The bliss of the warm water more than makes up for the cold entry and exit. : )

Granted we are pretty soft when it comes to cold weather living in the south and on the coast of North Carolina so we have pretty mild weather. I understand that hot tubs and swim spas are very popular in the north. Love that!

Master Spa’s blog has a nice post about enjoying spas in the winter, “Soak Away the Winter Blues“. The post shares “favorite hot tub accessories that will maximize your comfort this winter” and then shares some comments that customers have made on ‘how they enjoy their hot tubs in the winter’. Check it out!

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