“Swim Spa – Weight Loss Tips” Health2WellnessBlog.com

Among “7 Unique Weight Loss Tips that You Never Heard” mentioned on Health2WellnessBlog.com is the Swim Spa, a great tool for weight loss.

Photo Source: Health2WellnessBlog.com

The article begins…“Swim spa enables you to relax, exercise, and swim in your home. By investing in a hot tub, you will invest in your health. It will help you to relieve body pain, improve the function of lungs and heart, and promote weight loss.”

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“Why Hot Baths Are Good For Seniors” -LongIslandWeekly.com

Photo Source: ‘Why Hot Baths are good for Seniors’ – LongIslandWeekly.com

This article reflected the thoughts my wife and I have had regarding our swim spa. We are slightly short of Senior status (she is much shorter than I am) – I’m SO close! We have been impressed with how the swim spa helps ease the pain of aching muscles and joints, how it helps energize and how it helps one sleep. We feel that the gentle low impact exercise provided by the swim spa will help us avoid costly and painful surgery (such as knee or rotator cuff surgery) and thus pay for itself.

Specifically, the article outlines five benefits of a hot bath for Seniors and gives bathing safety tips.

Regarding hot tubs (or swim spas) the author says:

“while hot baths are beneficial overall, it is important to note that soaking in a hot water bath raises a person’s heart rate. For those individuals with cardiovascular concerns, it is best to check with one’s doctor first about using a hot soak for lowering blood pressure and alleviating other ailments.”


Our Master Spa Trainer 15 swim spa – A MASTERPIECE!

I had hernia surgery recently and haven’t been able to use our Swim Spa for a couple of weeks, but plan to use it Sunday! Can’t wait! Have missed it tremendously! Let me share a few things I love about it…

The JETS and their arrangement are amazing!

The Jets of our Master Spas Trainer 15 are great!!!
Another video showing our Master Spas Trainer 15 Jets
It is a thing of beauty – I believe this is a reaction of the hot water to cold air.

Magnicant Hot Tub Views at Washington state AIRBnB!

AirBNB.com – Yummy Beach #2

I love this AirBNB in Seacoast, Washington! You have to look at all the photos to fully appreciate the magnificent views and setting.

“Here on Miami Beach, or “my yummy beach” as a certain three-year-old once called it, you will have front-row seats to the grandeur of the Hood Canal where the Olympic Mountains rise majestically from the depths of the sea. Our unique cottage resort is situated right on the water’s edge. Cottage #2 is the middle of three attached units.

The space
Go for a swim at high tide, right off of the giant stone stairs. Take the kayaks or SUP boards for a spin. Take a short stroll to the neighboring state park and wander the forest trails. Have Seabeck Pizza deliver your dinner by boat.* Soak in the hot tub while watching a spectacular sunset. Fall asleep to the sound of the sea lapping on the shore only a few feet away!”


Here is a write -up on the property on Narcity.com.